Tea break with Matthew Mole

You should have tea with Matthew sometime. It’s fun! While you read this, you should listen to Matthew’s album “The home we built”



This or that: 

Sweet or savoury? Sweet

Regina George or Cady Heron? Regina George

Flowers or Cacti? Cacti

Blogs or newspapers? Blogs

Christmas pudding or Easter eggs? Easter eggs

Jess or Cece? Jess

Kraft beer or cappuccino? Cappuccino

30 Seconds or Pictionary? Pictionary

Sweaty armpits or dog breath? Sweaty armpits

Girls with big feet or girls with a man’s hairstyle? How big are big feet?


One word answers:

How do you feel about Pugs? Ummm [That’s your one word, just kidding] squashed

Are you a fan of peanut butter? Yes

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? McMuffin

How often do you have naps? Don’t


Random questions:

What’s your favourite Friends quote? “My parents flipped a coin and decided to raise me as a girl but I still have a hint of a penis”

What’s your favourite Mighty Ducks movie? D1

What’s your favourite way to eat potatoes? Potato bake

Do you have regular tea breaks? I like tea but I don’t have it as often I want

Complete the sentence: When I grow up I want to have… a Ferrari

What’s your favourite iPhone app? Google maps


Questions about music:

Who are your favourite emerging SA musicians? Glen HartmannBye Beneco and The Aztec Sapphire

Which international act has impressed you the most while watching them perform in SA? Muse and The Hives

What is the name of the first song you ever wrote? I don’t think it even had a name, it was just some depressing song I made up.

What is the most recent cover song you’ve learnt? Alt-J “something good”

What is the most profound lyric you’ve written? “The sun goes down”, that was quite a well thought-out line, lolsies. 



Bitstrips are the best.


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