I’m Selling Some Clothes

Every once in a while I clean out my closet when I realise I have more clothes in it that I don’t wear than clothes that I wear often. So today my mom and I gave two big bags of clothes to The Emma Animal Rescue Society. We do have a few items of clothing between the two of us that we are selling. Have a look and email kellyjanem@gmail.com if you would like to buy anything. [Cape Town buyers only]

1. Pink summer skirt with lace detail. Size Small. R40 [claimed]



2. White and Orange floral skirt. Size 32. R40image (1)



3. Pink and Blue floral dress. Size Small. R60image (2)

4. Denim dungarees dress. Size Small. R50image (3)

5. Purple dress with pink satin ribbon. Size Small. R50image (4) image (5)

6. Black and maroon dress with thin black belt. Size Medium. R60 [claimed]image (6)

7. Superman Tshirt. Size Small. R30image (7)


8. Beige and brown knitted jersey. Size Medium. R50 [claimed]image (8)


9. Brown knitted vest. Size Small. R40image (9)

10. South African soccer supporter jersey. Size Large. R30image (10)

11. South African rugby supporter jersey. Size Extra Small. R50image (11)

12. Green cargo vest. Size 8. R40image (12)

13. Beige corduroy blazer. Size 8. R40 [claimed]image (13)

14. Black velvet blazer. Size Small. R50 [claimed]image (14)

15. Black dress with pleather design. Size Medium. R60image (15)

16. Poofy jacket with fur lining on hood. Size 34. R60image (16)

17. Denim 3/4 pants. Size 32. R50image (17)

18. Black skinny jeans. Size 30. R50 [claimed]image (18)


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